Warrpara Ngura – Lilly Tjiweri


40.6cm x 55.9cm, acrylic on canvas.

Canvas sold unstretched

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40.6cm x 55.9cm: acrylic on canvas

Canvas sold unstretched

Lilly Tjiweri

Lilly Tjiweri is an artist, mother and grandmother based in Kaltukatjara (Docker River). She is a highly engaged community member, and a regular presence at the art centre. Lily paints important Tjukurpa (Dreaming) from her family, mostly sites in WA. Her works depict an undulating landscape from above, filled with tali (sandhills), kapi (waterholes) and other topographical features. Lilly enjoys living in Kaltukatjara surrounded by her family and friends.

Warrpara Ngura

Lily paints her family’s ngura (country), which is in Western Australia. Her canvas shows the ngura of all of her family – her mother, father, and grandparents and ancestors on both sides – travelling towards each other and meeting in her. Part of this country is traversed by the Seven Sisters in the epic Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurrpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming) that spans large parts of the Australian continent. Lily depicts the sisters crossing part of her family’s country before they travel up into the sky to become stars in the Milky Way.