Nganytja Palulpai Tjukurrpa – Bernard Bell


40.6cm x 76.2cm: acrylic on canvas

Artwork is sold unstretched

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40.6cm x 76.2cm: acrylic on canvas

Artwork is sold unstretched

Bernard Bell

Bernard Bell was born in 1979 in Alice Springs and grew up in Kaltukatjara. He works for the Docker River Rangers throughout the country surrounding his home. Bernard started painting at the Kaltukatjara Arts Centre in 2020, following in the steps of both his maternal and paternal uncles and other family. Bernard has been elected a Director of Tjarlirli and Kaltukatjara Art for 2022 and has taken to his role with great relish. He likes to depict his relationship to his country and Tjukurpa (Dreaming), as well as the work he is doing for the rangers, reflecting on his regular travel across his ngurra (homelands) to care for country.   

Nganytja Palulpai Tjukurrpa 

In this painting Bernard is depicting the Nganytja Palulpai Tjukurrpa (Fruit Creator Dreaming/Story), which is a story about the Mulga Tree.

“The painting I did it… is a special tree in my homeland. That tree is a… mulga tree. All the fruit there hanging down from that tree. We call it nganytja.”

Bernard’s father, Ronnie, taught Bernard the Nganytja Palulpai Tjukurrpa. “He showed me that cave where honey ants dreaming can be found, Tjala Tjukurrpa.”