Lake McDonald Tingarri – Ronnie Allen


55.9cm x 91.4cm: acrylic on canvas

Artwork is sold unstretched

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55.9cm x 91.4cm: acrylic on canvas

Artwork is sold unstretched

Ronnie Allen

Ronnie Allen is a self-taught artist and a respected elder in the Kaltukatjara (Docker River) community. Ronnie’s family’s country is Kunapula, just south of Kaltukatjara. He has spent much of his life traveling the Western Desert as a Christian Pentecostal pastor.  

Ronnie paints several tjukurpa (dreaming) stories including tingarri (ceremony), mulga seed, maku (witchetty grub) and tjala (honey ant). He also paints a unique fusion of tjukurpa with Pentecostal imagery, in which he depicts Yarnangu and Western people holding gatherings. These gatherings play host to ceremonial dances, religious worship, and moral discussions.  

As such, Ronnie’s work visualises elements of the relationship between Yarnangu and Christian belief systems, stemming from the influence of Christian missionaries in recent history. Ronnie draws together these two worlds in a celebration of community and faith. Through Ronnie’s work, we can see that the interplay between Yarnangu and Christian spirituality has become an indelible aspect of community history and identity. 

Lake McDonald Tingarri

The men and women travelled to Lake MacDonald in the epic Tingarri journey of the Dreaming time. This is the design passed down to Adrian from his grandfather and father when he learned about the journey from the sacred site of Kulkurda and how when the people arrived at Lake MacDonald they decided not to continue to Lake MacKay but to stay there where there was plenty of water in the rockholes and bush tucker was abundant. They had made a very long journey. There are secret elements of this story that cannot be told to the uninitiated.