Minyma Tjukurla – Eileen Giles


55.9cm x 91.4cm: acrylic on canvas

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55.9cm x 91.4cm: acrylic on canvas

Eileen Giles

Eileen Giles is an emerging artist from Tjukurla. She is the daughter of Mrs N Giles (dec) and Mr G Giles (dec). Eileen was born near her mother’s country in Warakurna and later moved to Docker River with her family. Eileen had four brothers, two passed away when they were still children. Eileen is still close to her surviving brothers, Lyall Giles still lives in Tjukurla and Timothy Giles now lives in Kintore. Eileen moved to Tjukurla with her Mother in the mid 1980’s when Tjukurla was established as an outstation of Docker River. In Tjukurla, Eileen weaves tjanpi, carves purnu and paints country. Eilleen’s paintings have a distinct and unusual style. Eileen is recognised as a unique artist for her unusual use of space and her minimalist style. ┬áThese unique works are an exquisite contemporary expression that are attracting the attentions of discerning buyers and collectors around the world.

Minyma Tjukurla

The young women are travelling around the country near Tjukurla with the older ladies. They are learning many things about where to collect special grasses and flowers and other types of bush tucker.