Inma at Kurlkurta – Faith Butler


91.4cm x 121.9cm: acrylic on canvas

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91.4cm x 121.9cm: acrylic on canvas

Faith Butler

Faith was born to Nutangka Bennett & Barney Ward in Kurlkurta. Faith Butler lives in Tjukurla where she paints the stories of her country using the traditional Tjukurpa and Tingarri designs passed down to her. Faith is well respected in her community as a knowledgeable Ngaanyatjarra woman. When Tjukurla was still a small outstation there was no infrastructure or services. The responsibility of teaching the children in daily classes was given to Faith. Faith is also a skilled basket weaver and purnu (wooden artifact) carver.

Inma (ceremony) at Kurlkurta

Minyma juta (many women) have gathered in the sacred women’s site in Kurlkurta. They have with them all the types of bush tucker that they have collected. They sing and dance about the activities and adventures of the ancestors. The sand hills, that are a prominent feature of the landscape, border the painting. This is Faith’s grandmother’s, aunty’s and uncle’s country.