Tali Tjukurpa – Joy Jackson


55.9cm x 91.4cm: acrylic on canvas

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55.9cm x 91.4cm: acrylic on canvas

Joy Jackson

Joy Jackson is an established artist. She was born in Warburton in Western Australia and grew up in Papulunkutja (Blackstone). She has spent time around her mother’s home of Warakurna but has raised her family in Kaltukatjara (Docker River). Joy paints Tali Tjukurrpa (Sand Hill Dreaming) from the country around her homes across the Ngaanyatjarra lands.

Tali Tjukurrpa

Joy paints the Tali (sand hills) around her mother’s home of Warakuna. When she paints, she is walking through the sand hills with her mother, finding food and learning. Her bold choice of colours is based on what she finds in the sand hills – browns and yellows for liru (snakes), pink and white for the bush flowers. She particularly loves talking about the sweet nectar from the purple gum nut trees found around Warakuna.

Joy paints in a unique way; creating a bold, contemporary interpretation of her tjukurpa. The forms she uses cause the eye to see movement and motion – the rise and fall of the sandhills, the patterns the wind creates in the sand, the feeling of running her fingers though the sand and leaving behind her tracks.